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Privacy policy

At Green cube hostel, it is our duty to protect the privacy of your personal data, supporting a policy of openness regarding the way it is collected, used and disclosed. We appreciate the trust placed in us by choosing to visit and use www.greencubehostel.com for your online booking and follow the resulting commitments to protect the privacy of the personal information you provide us by striving to strictly adhere to the GDPR.

This document, which is subject to periodic updates, describes how we use and process your personal information. Here you will also find information on how to contact us if you have questions about the protection of your personal data, its correction or deletion.

For the purposes of this privacy statement, “personal data” means any individualizing information about a specific individual.

Information about us:

“GREEN CUBE” Ltd. with EIC: 204967019, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, 63 Totleben Blvd., floor 5, e-mail info@greencubehostel.com, is the administrator and processor of personal data.

What personal data we collect

In general, you can visit our site without leaving any personal data. Personal data is only collected if you provide it voluntarily and may include:

Contact information (eg names, address, email address and telephone number of the individual in their capacity as an individual) to process and store your booking
Proof of identity (e.g. ID when required by law);
Financial or invoicing information (eg credit card number and expiration date and financial history);

We use your personal data to:

We can make a reservation and confirm it;
Sending personalized, interactive messages;
Providing timely and reliable services;
Taking the necessary actions to administer these services;
Research, development, management, protection and improvement of the quality of the services offered;
Providing information about new products and services in which you may be interested;
Developing and maintaining our relationship and communication with you;
Invoicing of products and services used;
Debt collection;
Providing assistance in the investigation of a violation of the law; as well as
Taking action in case of emergency circumstances that threaten the life, health or security of a person.

Card data and authentication data

We do not have access to your card details, only your servicing bank.
We do not have access to your authentication data, only the issuing bank of your card.
Security when entering and transferring card data is ensured by using the SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between your computer and the payment page of our service bank.
The authenticity of your card is verified by entering a security code (CVV2)
“GREEN CUBE” Ltd., in its capacity as the owner of greencubehostel.com, will not require you to provide your credit card data (including type, number, CVC code, validity, name of the cardholder). They will be requested from the bank in a dedicated online payment form.

When we disclose personal data

Unless we have your express consent to do so, we do not sell, license, trade or rent your personal data to third parties. Green cube Hostel reserves the right to disclose personal data to third parties when required by law, other regulatory act, search warrant or other court order or warrant.

Knowledge and consent

We only collect personal data if the customer gives us their consent. We usually ask for consent to subsequent disclosure of your personal data at the time of collection. In some cases, however, consent may be requested after the information has already been collected but before it is used (eg if your data will be used for a purpose not expressly mentioned above).

The form of consent we require—whether express or implied—is determined by the sensitivity of the personal data concerned and the reasonable expectations of the individual concerned in the circumstances.

You may withdraw a given consent at any time, subject to the relevant legal and contractual restrictions, as well as by providing a reasonable advance notice. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, please contact us at the following email address: info@greencubehostel.com.

The use of our products and services is not conditioned upon the provision of consent to the collection, use or disclosure of information and data other than as expressly set forth above and solely for the stated legitimate purposes for which the information was collected.